Dark Reading Report:

New Best Practices in Secure Application Development

The transition from DevOps to DevSecOps is combining with the move toward cloud computing to create new challenges - and new opportunities - for the information security team. The combination of agile development and virtualization technologies have given organizations amazing power to rapidly push out new applications at a dizzying pace. This report will help security personnel and developers alike sort through and identify where those challenges live, and how they might be mitigated. 

About the Author: Brad Causey

Brad Causey is an active member of the security and forensics community worldwide. Brad tends to focus his time on web application security and penetration testing as it applies to global and enterprise arenas. He is the lead application security analyst with IBERIABANK and the president of the International Information Systems Forensics Association chapter in Alabama. Brad is also heavily involved in several projects with OWASP. He also holds many industry recognized certificates such as CISSP, MCSE, C|EH and CIFI.