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How to Optimize Security Controls for DevOps 

The widespread adoption of DevOps and agile IT delivery systems presents new security challenges. Developers need security tools that are integrated with their build processes so they can test the integrity and security of their applications within minutes. Similarly, infosec managers need security tools that automatically discover and protect new applications as they are delivered via rapid automation and elastic processes. But traditional security tools don’t do either of these things. Thus, security is increasingly viewed as a blocker to agile software development and DevOps deployment. To solve this problem, security has to fundamentally evolve from a production-time concept to something that is much more automated and embedded into the dev-test-build cycle itself, 

Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • Why trying to use traditional security tools in DevOps environments will slow down both developers and security operations
  • Key attributes you should be thinking about to make your security plan future-proof
  • Where can security automation be applied to better align security with DevOps delivery models