Webinar On-Demand

Security Breaks DevOps:
Here's How to Fix It

The concepts of communication, collaboration, abstraction, automation and orchestration are cornerstones of the rapidly growing DevOps movement. At the same time, reliance on elastic infrastructure has exploded, making manual security provisioning and management infeasible. Applying security policies based on static parameters and making manual rule changes just before production leaves little time for provisioning the policies. This impacts release quality, increases risk of errors and slows down the DevOps cycle. Now security teams have an opportunity to learn from the DevOps experience.

Attend this informative webinar to learn:

  • Common pitfalls associated with using traditional security solutions in DevOps environments
  • Key ingredients to look for in a security solution that matches the speed of DevOps
  • Real-life case studies of companies who have adopted DevOps methods to security