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Security visibility is a top concern for enterprises adopting public cloud infrastructure. The scale and speed of IaaS environments demand a continuous, automated approach for detecting and managing security and compliance issues. 

CloudPassage was among the select companies invited to participate in the Q4 2019 Forrester Wave™ evaluation, Cloud Workload Security. The report is an essential guide for organizations moving workloads to the cloud and looking for security best practices. 

Download the report and understand the importance of a security platform specifically designed to secure IaaS, cloud server workloads, and containers.

“As on-premises security suites technology becomes outdated and less effective to provide comprehensive support for cloud workloads, improved broad coverage support for guest/host OS; API-level connectivity to the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) platform; and container orchestration and runtime platforms will dictate which providers lead the pack.” - Forrester Research, Inc.

Get your complimentary copy of the first Forrester Wave™ Evaluation for Cloud Workload Security and learn the seven criteria for which CloudPassage received the highest score possible and why Forrester says this about the CloudPassage Halo Platform:

“We recommend the solution to those clients that need a single vendor for agent-based and agentless protections for guest OSes, AWS and Azure compute, and containers.” - Forrester Research, Inc.

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