Dark Reading Report

Monitoring Security In Cloud Environments

The use of cloud technology is booming, often offering the only way to meet customers’, employees’ and partners’ rapidly rising requirements. But IT pros are rightly nervous about a lack of visibility into the security of data in the cloud. In this Dark Reading report, we put the risk in context and offer recommendations for products and practices that can increase insight — and enterprise security.

About the Author: Michael Cobb


Michael is a 20-year veteran of IT security with a passion for making industry best practices easier to understand and implement. As an adviser on security controls and information-handling practices to companies and government agencies large and small, Cobb has helped numerous organizations achieve ISO 27001 certifi- cation and successfully migrate data and services to the cloud. Cobb has also worked with CESG, the information security arm of the United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters), to promote security best practices in government. A renowned author and presenter, Cobb has written numerous technical articles and webcasts for leading IT publications, including Dark Reading and InformationWeek, as well as a book on IIS security. He also has been a Microsoft Certified Database Manager and a registered consultant with the CESG Listed Advisor Scheme.